How Often Does an Air Conditioner Need Service?

How Often Do You Need to Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Having an air conditioning unit is not only a luxury in the summer months, but it is also an investment. If you keep your unit in good shape, however, then it makes the investment worth it. Just like with any other appliance, routine maintenance is necessary to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly. How often should you have air conditioner maintenance done though?

In a perfect world, you would have it checked on every month, but that isn’t always necessary or practical. Many in the industry would suggest having it serviced two times annually (once in the spring and once in the fall), and while we here at Buffo’s Refrigeration agree that that is a good idea we recommend that you get your air conditioner serviced annually. Once per year should be often enough to discover and address maintenance issues before they become more problematic or expensive to fix.

Why Do You Need to Have Your AC Serviced?

It is important to have your AC serviced regularly so that it doesn’t break in the middle of the summer. The last thing you want during the scorching hot summer months is for a neglected air conditioner to stop working. If you end up neglecting to schedule routine AC servicing, then you are more likely to run into issues and need repairs, which can be a lot more expensive than a routine appointment. Learn more about the HVAC repair and service that we offer.

How Do AC Services Work?

No matter the season, our AC maintenance & tune-up technicians will ensure your cooling system is 100% functional & ready for your air conditioning needs. You can expect our experts to notify you of any repair needs before any work is done so you know exactly what solution is best for your home’s AC system, if recommended. Are you ready to schedule? Call Buffo’s at (775) 782-8204.

What are the Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance?

There are many benefits of scheduling routine AC maintenance. As we mentioned above, preventative care can ensure that your AC is running smoothly during the hot months so you aren’t left unexpectedly without AC and with expensive repair bills. Another benefit is the lifespan of your unit itself. Just like with other appliances or vehicles, if you schedule routine maintenance you extend the lifespan of your product. The longer your unit lasts, the more value you get out of it.

Lastly, utility bills can spike when an AC unit is not working properly and efficiently, costing you even more money. The main benefit of routine air conditioner maintenance: saving money. While maintenance contracts themselves cost money, in the long run they save you a lot of money on these other, much greater expenses. Learn about why people are choosing Buffo’s to get the job done.

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